SCOUT ecosystem allows capturing a small number of critical parameters from different components of the ship engine that could affect effectively to its correct performance. These parameters are communicated to a central system where advance analysis techniques are applied to produce performance and predictive reports together with maintenance and tuning recommendations.  SCOUT is composed by three main differentiated parts:


  1. On-board unit: hardware device that integrates sensor data acquisition and communications capabilities with the Smart Central
  2. Smart Central System: intelligent analysis system where all the data gathered is processed and compared against complex KPIs to provide efficient practise and preventive maintenance.
  3. Efficient Craft Platform: is a SaaS web portal interface that provides maintenance operators the information of the advanced analysis, warning about preventive maintenance in real time.


In 2015 the EU has adopted from larger ships, a regulatory system for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of fuel-based emissions. The EU believes an MRV is a first step towards the implementation of an emissions trading system. With a policy mechanism such as an MRV in place, ship operators would be required to monitor and report their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and a third party would need to verify the data. Even if it is only mandatory for big ships, in the next years might be extensive for all type of vessels. EU relies on MRV systems to analyse situation and cut first potential savings.


SCOUT product is completely aligned with EU strategy, as it provides the market with a Smart Automated Ecosystem that makes simple the implementation of the MRV theoretical EU system while provides advanced features to optimize in the field, fuel efficiency, costs while reducing emissions.

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